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Timebased & interactive Media in Linz, Austria

Timebased & interactive Media in Linz, Austria

Kamilla Marlene Roy Mez is studying at the Art University of Linz this semester on an Erasmus exchange agreement

Last modified: 01.11.2018

Some thoughts from an ArT student at the Art University of Linz in Austria:

"I have now been studying Timebased & interactive Media in Linz, Austria, for about a month, and I really enjoy it here!
I have for now had a couple of inspiring courses - especially the Deep Space Course with Gerhard Funk, where we get introduced to interactive visuals at the Deep Space at Ars Electronica, which you can also see at the pictures.

Overall, I am surprised how the university is structured very different from Art & Technology, and you are very free to take almost any classes you want to. In my opinion, we have lot of free time, and at first, I was very uncomfortable around it. But now, where I find meaning and inspiration in it, it is great to be allowed to deepen yourself in your semesterproject in such a subtle way.

The community with the other Erasmus students is really lovely as well - we are hanging out a lot  and give eachother tips and tricks about surviving in Linz. This weekend we are planning on hiking together in the mountains and also finally have an international dinner together!

Grüß Gott - Kamilla Marlene Roy Mez"