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Art and installation in virtual reality - guest lecture with Uri Kranot

Guest lecturer Uri Kranot visits AAU CREATE to talk about how he works with the world of VR, and how it can be utilised in art.

Last modified: 13.11.2017

'Nothing Happens'

Time: Wednesday 15th of November at 13.00. 
Place: Rendsburggade 14, st./5.125 and 5.127. 

Uri Kranot will give a masterclass and showcase of his experimental productions and acclaimed works that combine visual art, cinema, installation art in VR technology and virtual environments. Uri will showcase Nothing Happens, an installation and a movie, that experiment with animation, narrative and cinematic storytelling through a VR (virtual reality) environment in combination with material physical objects. Through a VR headset the spectator is the silent witness of a curious but disturbing event taking place in a specific time and space. Nothing Happens has won several awards and was short listet as the Danish VR project for the Biennale 2017.

Read more about Nothing Happens here: 


Trailer of VR experience: