Out of Sight

Out of Sight

Last modified: 05.01.2017

The entire 5th semester collaborated on an intermedia performance.

By benjamin hugo lager, signe thyrri, mads deibjerg lind, malte herold, kristine sundwall, Malthe r. jensen, Cody lukas anderson, radu albutiu, brandon bjerre, Magda Hertzberg, Christina Anine cliff, randy k. heath, Merle la-porte petersen, Sara m. gøtghen, camilla brix andersen, Kamilla nielsen, Catja Græsborg agnstoft, Tenna rasch hansen, Nadia Ali hansen, cecillie lundsgaard & CASPER SCHACT CHRISTIANSEN

Out Of Sight is an intermedia performance made in collaboration with Aalborg Theater and supported by KulturKANten.

Find a seat if you can, but keep your head down for the man, as he invites you in with grace to share his plans, in a journey through his crumbling lands; it will drag your head through the sand, but don’t go mad as it’s all a scam; dreams of two who are both the better man. One is the Emperor of reality, the other of a dream; which is more powerful? You don’t know before you have seen; cities that are resting on the edge of a knife, with life on the line, cities that are both beautiful and ugly, and cities with thousands of eyes. See through the distortion and you find the truth.

Out Of sight is made with inspiration from Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel, Invisible Cities. The intermedia performance is about Marco Polo returning from his adventures in order to tell Kublai Khan about the uncanny, beautiful, and strange cities he has encountered. This intermediary production utilizes projections, cameras and other technologies and viewers get to see, hear, and experience some of the cities that Marco Polo encounters.