Utzon Center

Utzon Center

Utzon Center Workshop

The Utzon Center Workshop is located in the Utzon Center, Slotspladsen 4, 9000 Aalborg and consists of three rooms: a large room for creative work, a wood workshop and a rapid prototyping workshop.

The Utzon workshop is open from 7.00 to 21.30 every day in the week, but the rooms can sometimes be crowded due to lectures or workshops held in the facilities. At the Utzon Workshop you will find laser cutters, 3D printer, 3-axix milling, and a variety of machinery in the wood workshop.

You can read more about the facilities and machinery and tools avalilable here: http://www.create.aau.dk/facilities/the-utzon-center-workshop/

Gammel Torv Workshop

At the workshop in the basement of Gammel Torv 6 you will find professional tools for working in metal.
More info will in the future be available here: http://www.create.aau.dk/facilities/sample-page/


Poul Lund
Head of Workshops

Østeraagade 6, room 211
9000 Aalborg

E-mail: plun@create.aau.dk
Mobile phone: 45 2179 8646


Mads Brath
Lab engineer

Østeraagade 6, room 211
9000 Aalborg

E-mail: mbje@create.aau.dk
Mobile phone: 45 2364 6930


If you are working at the Utzon-lab and leave material or other things at the lab. Please put on a label with your name and phone number. Otherwise it might be thrown away when the lab needs to be cleared or if other students wants to use the lab.