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E.I.S - Embodied Interactive Swing

E.I.S - Embodied Interactive Swing

Last modified: 31.05.2016

By Randy K. Heath, Tenna Rasch Hansen & Merle Laporte-Petersen

E.I.S - Embodied Interactive Swing, is a semester project for the bachelor's study Art & Technology at Aalborg University, designed with the intention of being exhibited at the 2017 DGI sport convention, which is to be at Stigsborg Harbour Front in Nørresundby. 
It is the purpose of this installation to ease the participant into a playful interactive relaxation in order for them to recharge mind and body for the entertainment installations among E.I.S 
E.I.S has the quality of lighting up the state in which it is in created by the participant. Depending on the velocity of the swing the incorporated LED strip will light up different colors, representing stages of the swing