Media Lab

The Department of Communication & Psychology has an AV-laboratory that can be used by the students at Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology. To get access to the AV-laboratory, to e.g. edit video, borrow equipment, use the TV-studio or other, go to the office at Rendsburggade 14, or send a mail to AV-Lab and the institute´s employees will help you.

At Media-Lab  you can see what equipment is available.
For example:

  • Different video cameras ranging from small types (vacation cameras) to fully professional equipment.
  • MP3 recorders and different microphones
  • A video edition room with AVIS (the same is being used by DR and TV2)
  • A TV stud­io which can be used for sound and video recordings

In addition there are a lot of specialty items used in the productions of movies etc. So if there is something you need - The AV-Lab might have it.