Klitgården Refugium

Klitgården Refugium

The Kligården Refugium in Skagen has 3 studios, which can be used by staff and students at Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology and Architecture and Design. The studios may be used in connection with projects, competitions, seminars or similar.
The studios are located in relation to the royal villa in Skagen and are equipped with a range of facilities for creative work. It is possible to stay overnight and you can make your own breakfast and lunch. Besides this, you can order full meals in the villa, where you will eat with the other visiting artists, scientists and writers.
Loan of the studios is free. Any catering in connection with the stay must be ordered when booking the stay.

CaterinG at klitgården

  • Dinner at Klitgården - (you make your own breakfast and lunch in the studio)
  • Full catering at Klitgården

Further information at Klitgården (link)

For reservations: (Klitgården)