IT tools

IT tools

The program uses IT tools on a daily basis.You should therefore expect to obtain a powerful PC during the first year of study which can process software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and other related softwares like Rhino Ceros. It is expected that the students acquire the needed software themselves.

AAU-IT-service (Link)


AAU Access control

The AAU Access control is a common login system for a wide range of services at Aalborg University. Students must use the username and password from IT start.


AAU E-mail 

When enrolling the study each student gets a AAU e-mail address through which happens the main information exchange within the study and Aalborg University. (Link)


ArT Moodle

At ArT Moodle students can see the information about their courses, lectures, assignments and find all the other study-related information.  (Link)


STADS self-support

With STADS-self-support you have as a student at AAU access to sign up to the exam, see exam results and writing out your study journal. STADS self-support has a FAQ with answers to questions like what to do when you forget your username or password, or what to do if you have lost its start code. (Link)



UniPrint is a printing facility available for AAU students. At UniPrint you can print and bind the projects and theses for good prices. For more information visit the website. There you will find the price list, information about the services they offer and the location of the UniPrint.  (Link)



You can access AAU printers by using your AAU Card with the matching four digit PIN code, or alternatively log in using your e-mail address and matching password. To top-up your printing points, locate the printers and get support visit the print and copy website.