AUB. Aalborg University Library

AUB have different sections of the library on different addresses on campus and in the city. The main library is close to campus:

AUB. Aalborg Universitets Bibliotek

Langagervej 2
9220 Aalborg Ø
Phone: 9940 9400

Sections of AUB, closest to Art

AUB Nordkraft

Teglgårds Plads 1, stuen
9000 Aalborg
Phone: 9940 3869

AUB Strandvejen 12-14

9000 Aalborg
Phone: 9940 9412

AUb library online

For more information visit the AUB webpage

At the AUB webpage you will be able to:

  • Find locations and contact details of different AUB sections in Aalborg
  • Search for the books and materials available at libraries as well online
  • Search the students projects database