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Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology is an interdisciplinary study where you will have to work creatively, construct your own projects, use different types of technology, apply theory and reflect upon your results in an academic framework. The study will challenge you to express your artistic creativity, in project based group work. You will learn how to program and use these skills to create experimental and artistic designs. You will also learn to work with modern materials, light, sound and physical design and combine these with technology and new media. The goal is to give you an education that functions as a basis for master programs within experience design, interactive, and digital media etc. Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology aims towards the job market within the creative industries.

Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology attracts artistic students from all over the world , therefore, we have an international study environment with the best educators within art, design, media and technology. You can expect an education with vision and vitality, creativity and discipline.

The program is offered in English (by 1st of September in Danish).

If you want to study Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology you can read about the admission requirements.


Project Work

Project work is the center of the education. Project work means that the workshop and the practical courses interact with the theoretical courses. This is typically done in collaboration with artists, designers and media professionals in the field. Projects can also be planned and carried out in collaboration with external partners from both the private and public sector.

The project work at Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology deals with the development of an artifact, a product that combines technology with aesthetic and artistic values, and ends with a project exhibition and examination.

The goal is that you gain knowledge about what it takes to create experiences, i.e. knowledge of artistic and aesthetic processes as well as of the physical and psychological conditions that apply in order to create experimental works.

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Line Krogh Sommer (student) and Johanna Lauritzen (student)

Email: studvejl-Kunst-Teknologi@hum.aau.dk
Phone: 2117 1271

Rendsburggade 14, room 2.250, 9000 Aalborg.

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Please note that the study counselors are not in the office during the summer (July 1st - August 31st), but will be available on Skype Thursdays from 12-14 and email all summer.


VIP-study counselor: Line Marie Bruun Jespersen