Study environment surveys

Study environment survey is a part of a quality assessment procedure at the Kunst og Teknologi | Art and Technology at Aalborg University, It is an online survey that is undertaken among all students.

  • Study Environment Report 2011 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report 2013 (Link) 
  • Study Environment Report Spring 2017 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Fall 2017
  • Study Environment Report Spring 2018 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Fall 2018 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Spring 2019 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Fall 2019 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Spring 2020 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Fall 2020 (Link)
  • Study Environment Report Spring 2021 (Link)

Process and Action Plan consists of a brief description of the expected processes and the persons responsible for them if any problems appear. Process plan is also prepared on the basis of semester evaluation by students and ideas for improving the study environment.

  • Action Plans 2011(Link)

  • CAT-School Action Plan 2013 (Link)

  • Action Plan Spring 2017 (Link)

  • Action Plan Fall 2017

  • Action Plan Spring 2018 (Link)

  • Action Plan Fall 2018 (Link)

  • Action Plan Spring 2019 (Link)

  • Action Plan Fall 2019 (Link)

  • Action Plan Spring 2020 (Link)

  • Action Plan Fall 2020 (Link)

  • Action Plan Spring 2021 (Link)


AAU studiemiljø


Forbedringer af det fysiske studiemiljø på AAU

Campus Service (CAS) laver årligt en oversigt over de seneste forbedringer af det fysiske studiemiljø.

Læs mere om forbedringerne i deres rapport.



Line Krogh Sommer (student) and Anne-Kathrine Søndergaard Møller

Phone: 2117 1271

Rendsburggade 14, room 2.250, 9000 Aalborg.

Book online meeting:

We offer online meetings and welcome any questions you may have.

Send us an email and we will contact you to schedule the online meeting.  

Please note that the study counselors are not in the office during the summer (July 1st - August 31st), but will be available on Skype Thursdays from 12-14 and email all summer.


VIP-study counselor: Line Marie Bruun Jespersen

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