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Maros Suran Bomba is awarded the O´Reilly Academic Prize

Maros Suran Bomba is awarded the O´Reilly Academic Prize for outstanding Art & Technology thesis 2018 for his bachelor thesis: Somacoustics - Interactive instrument-body.

Last modified: 09.08.2018

Maros Suran Bomba's thesis work, SOMACOUSTICS, uses his own body, equipped with motion tracking technology, as an interface for interactive movement sonification. 

SOMACOUSTICS is an excellent example of the integration of artistic and academic method, where academic inquiry underpins the development of an artefact, which in turn generates new scientific knowledge. Empirically, the work is based on a series of movement studies, and it is grounded in theories of embodied practice, interaction, experience, mapping and sonification. It seamlessly connects the genres of dance, interactive art, and electronic music with academic research. 

SOMACOUSTICS is a strong and innovative work, both in its interaction design and in its combination of deeply human embodied interaction and advanced technology, creating a multifaceted mixed-reality experience that bridges performance, perception and participation.