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Art & Technology Fall Exhibition 2018

During the Art & Technology Fall Exhibition 2018 you will encounter artefacts that blur the lines between experimentation, wonder & play, and installation-art, interactive electronics, audiovisual sculptures, virtual reality distortion and experience technology.

Last modified: 28.11.2018

This year the ArT1 students have worked on creating a variety of projects, including, equalized mobiles, abstract sound pieces, and cement sculptures. To culminate the skills gained from these, First Semester Students have been given the task to create an artifact, in groups, that must make use of sound and movement in some way.

ArT3 has been working on ‘Making the Intangible Wearable’. Within the realm of Dynamic Art & Technology, the students have designed and produced wearable technology that enhances the capabilities of the wearer as well as the capabilities of the clothes; through these wearable artefacts they will try to overcome the limitations of the physical body.
The wearables will also be showcased on a catwalk, for which a timeschedule will be up soon.

5th semester from Art & Technology at Aalborg University invites the audience into ‘The Foxcave’, an immersive participatory performance. The Foxcave is based on the mythology of the fox as trickster and seducer. The audience is invited to walk around, playfully lost, and meet the victims of the fox, as each scene unfolds out of the fog.

When & Where

The artworks from ArT1 and ArT3 will be exhibited in the Create building, Rendssburggade 14 on the 28th and 29th of November, and here you will have the opportunity to experience the projects up close. ArT5 will be producing an interactive performance, which premieres at Aalborg Teater the 6th of December.