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Last modified: 28.08.2014

By: Signe Smedegaard Frederiksen, Anne Kirstine Danielsen, Rebekka Kolding Borum.

Our Installation YOURTOPIA is based on the concept of utopia as a desire for a better way of living and being. The concept of uto-­‐ pia may or may not be unobtainable. In any way, varying fragments of utopia are present within festivals, which is what we are attempting to highlight. This project investigates the correlation between Nibe Festival as a community of its own and utopia as an impulse and desire.

Overall, the installation consists of a core that extends to the surrounding space by use of multiple strings. A construction made from metal triangles and mirrors constitutes the core. The composition of the triangles are seemingly random; however, they have been positioned in order to fragment the view of the surroundings. In addition, the mirrors reflect both the spectators and their surroundings, attempting to express the physical world of the festival as a manifestation of the abstract utopian desire. At night time black light lights up the strings adding an extra dimension to the installation. Since the core will be merged with darkness at nightfall, it will appear as though the strings lead to nothing. Allowing the spectator room to imagine what the strings lead to. The black light not only illuminates the white strings but all fluorescent colours, as well as white clothing. Therefore, the black light visibly connects the spectators with the installation at night time.