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Last modified: 25.10.2013

Project By: Simon Laigaard Krabbe, Niels Peter Lindholt, Julija Spicina, Line Bach Haga, Lasse Agner Madsen, Anne Louise Brath Severinsen. 

Woodstuck is part of a 6-piece installation for Sonic Zone at Roskilde Festival. We sought to make an installation showing an abstract representation of a pine forest, fulfilling Roskilde Festival’s requirements, commenting on the festival goers and having roots leading back to the Vikings. The experience of our installation should be very bodily and exploratory. We have looked at Roskilde Festival, sought inspiration from a trip to a forest, reinventing everyday materials, and the artists Olafur Eliasson and Thomas Saranceno.

We have chosen to work with the concept of nature and the feelings one gets from moving around in nature. We aim to bring the audience the experience of exploring a dense forest. From an artistic point of view we are aiming to do an art installation that does not conceptualize one specific meaning, but rather evokes curiosity within the audience.