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Last modified: 14.06.2016

By Okan Gültekin, Renata Jensen, Maria Emilie Nielsen, Mie Hannibal Jensen, Camma Dahl Nedergaard & Alberte Husted Larsen

"STRAYAWAY" is a site-specific installation that adresses the concept of 'drifting'. The installation is a result of thorough analyses of Vesterbro, and aims to make people drift off of their usual paths. 
like the Situanionist movement we want to make people rediscover their city and experience small wonders in their daily use of Vesterbro, and for that we have created a route that circles around the usual flow on the busy street, and takes people down beneath, where a small tunnel is hidden. Inside this tunnel lives 13 strange creatures, who strolls around on Vesterbro trying to fit in on a street that deflects the rush and functionalism of our society.