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Last modified: 24.10.2013

Project by: Nanna Maria Kofod Schmidt, Julie Rasmine Helbak, Emilie Holst Egebo, Andreas Jørgensen, Etienne Gagnon-Lalonde. 

We have designed a trapeze-shaped structure, which measures approximately 3m in length, 5.5m 
in depth with a height going from 1.8m to 2.7m at the highest point. The structure consists of two platforms
with different heights going out of the structure, which provides seating in and around the installation. One
meter inside the structure and on the left outer side, there are plexiglass walls on which people are able to
tag by scratching or using graffiti and thereby become active spectators. For roofing and shading, we are using
sails on the back-end and horizontal beams on the front-end.