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Knitted Lightscape

Knitted Lightscape

Last modified: 04.11.2013

Project by: Lise Handrup Christiansen, Anne Krogh Mammen, Anne Krogh Mammen, Sofie Clausager Sörensen, Anna Vojtovicova, Eliza Wood Lyndorff.

The Knitted Lightscape is an installation for Roskilde Festival 2013 that artistically expresses delicacy, lightness of form and femininity is possible. Moreover we aimed to adhere to the practical demands of the festival - creating a landmark, seating, shade, and shelter, while working in unity and close coordination with 5 other groups in our semester.

The final design consisted of a wooden prism structure with a maximum height of 3.6 meters and a minimum height of 2.6 meters and a width of roughly 4 meters; with a hemispherical form of knitted yarn tubes and fairy lights as the content. The inner structure provides a view of a beautiful and delicate form from every angle, while also exhibiting a feminine softness linking to our artistic expression.


See the poster of the Knitted Lightscape (Link)