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All But a Rowing Boat

All But a Rowing Boat

Last modified: 31.05.2016

By Kevin Rosenstand, Ares Subirà Ginesta, Maros Bomba, Eva Kovacikova, Ella Forbes & Bas van den Boogaard

All But a Rowing Boat is an interactive artwork that aims to draw attention to the history of the Limfjord. It consists of multiple columns that each depict images of boats from different eras that light up in colour when visitors pass by.  In the past the Limfjord has played many important roles for the people of Aalborg. Parts of the history of the space have become invisible with the reconstruction of the harbour front. The installation is meant to reconstruct the link between the space and it’s history. The artwork expands on the municipality’s efforts to keep Aalborg’s history alive. A video about the project can be found here: